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Morning Star Tang Soo Do

(Approved FCPS Vendor)

214 Lawyers Rd
Vienna, VA 22180

Morning Star Tang Soo Do was established in 1993, when Mr. John Celli, a young E Dan (second degree black belt) in the World Tang Soo Do Association, decided to spread the art of Tang Soo Do, a traditional Korean martial art. He was dedicated to the five codes of conduct: Loyalty to Country; Obedience to Parents; Honor Friendship; No Retreat in Battle; and In Fighting, Choose With Sense and Honor. He started in an old church with a rich history leading back to the Civil War, located on Lawyers Road in Vienna. It had seen better days, but it served him well in his mission. The club started with only three people, but soon, through word of mouth, it grew to over 30 students, serving family and friends. ​

During this time, John was promoted to Sam Dan (third degree black belt) and continued his work at the church while starting another club in Maryland. John also worked hard to help World Tang Soo Do Association studios in South America, donating materials and uniforms for those who couldn’t afford them.​

Tragedy struck when John was instantly killed by an overturning truck in 1996. The studio was left to his fiancé, a young orange belt who could not run the studio. John’s master, Master Vance Britt, appointed the studio’s senior belt to teach, while the administration was conducted by John’s fiancé. Through the years, the studio has changed hands and the membership has fluctuated as John’s mission was honored.​

Today, the studio is run by Master Deborah Zamora-Soon, in the same hall, although refurbished. In keeping with the spirit and tradition of Tang Soo Do, the studio is conducted with professionalism, traditionalism and brotherhood. Emphasis is put on self-discipline and internal growth, focusing on the Art and not the sport, while offering small classes and a family-friendly environment.​

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